I snapped this picture of a poster hanging in my children’s school last night.  I spent a few moments reading it.  The differences in what we say we want our children to be and the character of our elected leaders has never stood in starker contrast.  Put the events of the last month on your mind as you read this:


  • Are you Trustworthy?
    • Are you honest in your words and your actions?
    • Do you keep your promises?
    • Do you stand up for your beliefs and do what is right?
    • Are you a good friend?


  • Are you caring?
    • Are you kind with your words and your actions?
    • Do you help others?
    • Do you think about other people’s feelings and needs?
    • Are you thankful for what others do for you?


  • Are you responsible?
    • Do you do what you are supposed to do?
    • Do you think about how your actions will affect others?
    • Do you always try to do your best?


  • Are you fair?
    • Do you play by the rules?
    • Do you take turns and share?
    • When you disagree do you try to see the other person’s side?
    • Do you speak up when you know something is unfair?


  • Are you respectful?
    • Do you treat others the way you would want to be treated?
    • Are you polite and courteous?
    • Do you treat others well even if they look, act, or believe differently than you do?


  • Are you a good citizen?
    • Do you cooperate with others?
    • Do you obey rules and laws?
    • Do you do your share to make your school and neighborhood better?
    • Do you help protect the Earth?