Senator Schneider and Representative Hagenow,

As a constituent, a father of school aged kids, and a career educator I am writing to urge you not to pass SF213/HSB84.  Limitations or wholesale reduction of Iowa’s collective bargaining law was never a campaign issue.  I am not sure what the purpose is other than to punish those of us that have dedicated our careers to the education of Iowa’s young people.  Tell me how this will make Iowa’s schools safer, more productive, efficient, or effective.  Tell me how this is going to inspire our best and brightest to get into the profession.  Tell me I’m not valuable as a member of Iowa’s workforce.  Honestly, that’s how this feels.  
I’m a constituent.  I’m a member of your community.  I work hard.  I love my job and my students.  I know from experience that the items your party is wishing to strike from my collective bargaining rights (that were passed by your party 40 years ago) are not fluff.  These items are what allow teachers to collaborate to make schools safe, teaching effective, and measurement and evaluation of educators fair and balanced.  I believe I deserve an answer to these questions and some thought from your caucus about the future Iowa you and I wish to create.
I really do want to work together with you to make Iowa’s schools the strongest in the world.  This goes in the opposite direction and alienates those of us you need on your side.  Please think.  Please ask questions.  Please respond.
Sincerely – your constituent